Trademark Search API Overview

Use our trademark search API to search the US trademarks database (USPTO) based on a search string. Sign up and integrate trademark data into your application.

Trademark Search

use * for wildcard


API Pricing

1K searches a month
10K searches a month
$25 USD
250K searches a month
$50 USD
10M searches a month
$100 USD

Customer Testimonial

"Marker's trademark API service has allowed us to check trademark availability for name suggestions on our business naming contests. Our clients have asked for this information for some time and now we have delivered, thanks to Marker."

Wes Cutshall

What is a trademark search API?

Our API (application programming interface) is a REST API that searches the US trademark database (USPTO) of wordmarks and returns a JSON-encoded result set of matching trademarks based on a search string. The data returned consists of:
  1. trademark serial number
  2. wordmark
  3. description
  4. goods and services code
  5. registration date
Up to 100 results can be returned. Our Basic Search API call allows for exact match or wildcard searches using asterisks. Our Enhanced Search API call allows an entire string to be searched for any trademarks included anywhere in the entire string. See the documentation for more details.

How do I use the API?

You must have an active API subscription.
You can utilize the API via a server-side web service call or as a JavaScript widget placed within your HTML.
Trademark Search API URL
API documentation
PHP Trademark Search
function marker($search)
   //url encode the trademark to search for
   $search = urlencode($search);

   //initialize curl
   $curl = curl_init();

   //create a url with your search term, username, and password
   $url = "$search/

   //set curl options
   curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
   curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

   //perform curl and return json decoded results
   return json_decode(curl_exec($curl));

//get response from service
$response = marker($searchterm);

//if there were trademarks returned
if($response->count > 0)
	//loop through returned trademarks
	foreach($response->trademarks as $trademark)
	    //serial number
	    $serialnumber = $trademark->serialnumber;

	    //trademark name
	    $wordmark = $trademark->wordmark;

	    //trademark description
	    $description = $trademark->description;

	    //goods and services code
	    $code = $trademark->code;

	    //registration date
	    $registrationdate = $trademark->registrationdate;
requires API subscription w/ username and password

Additional Features

Trademark Monitoring

You can set up trademark search monitoring for up to 10 search terms. Trademark monitoring allows you to be notified if any new trademarks are registered that meet your search criteria.