API Documentation

Basic Search Method

The Basic Search Method will search the database for the entire search string. You can optionally add asterisks as wildcard characters. This search is best for searching for a match to a short string such as "Just Do It", etc.

URL Example


Enhanced Search Method

The Enhanced Search Method searches for every part of the search string. Enhanced Search breaks the string up into word groups starting with the number of words you specify. If you specify 3 words to a group the search will be made for the entire string, then every group of 3 words, then every group of 2 words, and finally every single word. If you searched for "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" the search would start with a search for the entire string, and then "the quick brown", "quick brown fox", "brown fox jumps", etc. This would then repeat going down to the final search for each word. You can specify how many results to return using the Limit parameter.

URL Example


PHP API Call Example

function marker($search)
   //url encode the trademark to search for
   $search = urlencode($search);

   //initialize curl
   $curl = curl_init();

   //create a url with your search term, username, and password
   $url = "https://www.markerapi.com/api/v1/trademark/search/$search/

   //set curl options
   curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
   curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

   //perform curl and return json decoded results
   return json_decode(curl_exec($curl));

//get response from service
$response = marker($searchterm);

//if there were trademarks returned
if($response->count > 0)
	//loop through returned trademarks
	foreach($response->trademarks as $trademark)
	    //serial number
	    $serialnumber = $trademark->serialnumber;

	    //trademark name
	    $wordmark = $trademark->wordmark;

	    //goods and services code
	    $code = $trademark->code;

	    //registration date
	    $registrationdate = $trademark->registrationdate;
requires API subscription w/ username and password